California to Central America Teaser


North to south, cold water to warm tropics, offshore pinnacles to freshwater rivers all hold endless spearfishing possibilities. This short teaser is but a glimpse into the exciting adventures spearos are lucky enough to experience...


  Watch on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D04mqCD64xI
Freediving through caves for Spiny Lobster


Underwater spelunking through the caves off a secluded cove in Laguna Beach, Ca and experimenting with the built in effects on the Canon S95.

The amount of life a freediver can see in a short dive is astounding, if one knows where to look!


  Watch on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV1OpEy-GBI&feature=...
White Seabass - Perfect Stone Shot


Another white seabass clip, this one is short and sweet. A late afternoon spring dive held great visibility by California standards, and lucky for me, many school size (15-30lbs) white seabass also stalking the kelp bed. Taking full advantage of a rare opportunity, a nice white seabass presents itself to the camera for an upclose head shot on camera.



30lb Yellowtail in Sea of Cortez


Team OMER diver Richard Balta shoots a 30lb yellowtail while spearfishing in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Armed with a 110cm Cayman Carbon, Richard places a great shot on this fish which tries to do anything it can to get away.




Compilations Video


A few older clips with a bunch of new HD footage thrown.
Several years worth of spearfishing clips from my travels through out Southern California and Mexico.
Ive combined everything from walls of monster yellowtail, big calico bass, sheepshead, and sand bass schools to riding whale sharks, huge schools of sargo, halibut hiding in the sand, blasting large white sea bass and much more!

Rodrigo y Gabriela


Yellowtail Spearfishing Vol. 2


One of those days where everything was lining up perfectly. Vis was top to bottom, baitfish everywhere while bonita, barracuda, yellowtail were pushing them down where grouper, calico bass, and sculpin were all having their fill.

Sublime - "Steppin Razor"
Expendables - "Sucks to be you"


Whale Shark Surfing


Freediving with a group of whale sharks in the Sea Of Cortez. A few of these gentile giants let us get close enough for a ride we'll never forget.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Tamacun"

Silhouettes in the Shadows

Freediving around a freshwater lake looking for bass, channel catfish, bluegill, and more.

Expendables - "Take a Ticket"

Spearo's Journey Episode One: Central California Rockfish

Video footage comprised from a great day of spearfishing in Central California. Watch as we are treated to 40' visibility and lots of great rockfish to spear. Only choosing a few nice fish for taco meat, we enjoy a nice selection of species for eating.

Passafire - "Feel It "
Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Juan Loco"

White Seabass Spearfishing

A late afternoon run to a local kelp bed produced 30-40' visibility, schools of bait everywhere, and schools of large white sea bass. I was lucky enough to capture the 55lb fish I shot this day on video.


State Radio - "Fight No More"

Big Sur Spearfishing
Shortly after the first major winter storm of 2008 blew out conditions for so-cal, myself along with Joey Hernandez made the decision to trek the long car ride north in search of good visibility and some great rockfish spearing.
Baja Grouper Spearfishing
In an isolated rock quarry hidden amongst the depths of the Sea of Cortez, a desert of sand stretches in all directions around a secret gathering hole loaded with monster gulf and leopard grouper. See amazing close up footage of these large, voracious fish schooling and watch as the predators become the prey.
November Yellowtail
Yellowtail spearfishing off Cortes Banks and Local Islands in November. While most divers throw in the towel for gamefish by this time of year, A few dedicated and lucky divers show that with the right planning you can still successfully target the migratory yellowtail this late into the season.
Bluewater Spearfishing #01
Join us as we target pelagics in the Sea of Cortez. Witness the landing of a large black marlin, one of the most prized gamefish in the sea!
Catalina Island Freediving
Footage from days diving. See calico bass, harbor seals, leopard sharks, witness huge schools of sardines and mackerel, as well as the sheer beauty of freediving around Catalina Island.
Local Kelp Forest Diving
Volume 12 is a compilation of footage taken in coastal kelp beds from San Diego to Palos Verdes. See calico bass, bat rays, black sea bass, and even watch the landing of a 40LBS white sea bass.
Baja #03
Part three of three part series
Baja #02
Part two of three part series
Baja #01
Part one of three part series. Freedive into the rocky boulders around the coast and islands in the Sea of Cortez.

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